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The National Institute of Transport (NIT) was established by Act of Parliament, Number. 24 of 1982.  The history of NIT dates back to 1975, when due to the complexity of the transport sector and the intricacies involved in its management necessitated the introduction of comprehensive training programmes for development of the sectoral manpower. Currently the Institute is under the Ministry of Transport. It is fully accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) with the Certificate of Registration Number REG./EOS/009 of 2002.
It offers education and training programmes leading to qualifications recognized nationally and internationally
Message from the Rector
This publication provides comprehensive information about important matters related to academic programmes of the National Institute of Transport (NIT). It is intended to serve as a guide to prospective and on- going undergraduate and postgraduate students in planning their study programmes,  as it provides an exhaustive list of all  programmes as well as the respective both academic entry and graduation requirements. It is therefore advisable to consult Heads of Department responsible for the respective programmes for the most current updates and more information about the programmes. Other useful information about the activities of the Institute is found in the NIT website and other Institute‚Äôs documents.
Eng. Dr. Zacharia M. D. Mganilwa,
June, 2014

For more information about the Institute please contact the following contact address:
National Institute of Transport,
P. O. Box 705,
Tel: +255 22 2400148/9
Fax: +255 22 2443148
       +255 22 2400846
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