Dr. Hans Luambano

Head of Department

Our Clients

The Bureau has a number of clients, but our major clients are, Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA), Tanzania Shipping Agency Cooperation (TASAC), Aviation Authorities, Tanzania Port Authority, Local Government Authorities, Dar Rapid Transit (DART), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Coca Cola.

Focus area of the Institute Consultancy and Production Bureau

  • Facilitation of client to access a wide range of services and facilities available in the Institute
  • Mobilizing consultants from across the departments of the Institute’s research activities
  • Providing Prompt access to reputable specialized expertise
  • A one stop shop for all your consultancy needs

Why are client using NIT CPB?

Clients are increasingly using CPB to access experts in the transport sector and allied disciplines because NIT is the only Institute in the country that have experienced experts in all modes of transport.

Welcome note from CPB

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the web page of Consultancy and Production Bureau (CPB) of the National Institute of Transport (NIT). We are confident that you will find this page informative and helpful in aiding you in all matters related to consultancy and production in the transport and other related disciplines.

About Department

The Consultancy and Production Bureau Department was established in early 2012 as a result of departmental restructuring made in order to accommodate the current issues and challenges in the transport industry. The restructuring has resulted by separating the department of Research, Consultancy and Publications into two departments which are the department of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies and the department of Consultancy and Production Bureau. As an entity within National Institute of Transport charged with the responsibility of coordinating consultancy, production, services and professional development programmes in the different disciplines of Logistics and Transport Engineering Technology.

    Objectives of Consultancy and Production Bureau

  • To carry out and implement tangible technology development projects in order to solve technical problems in transport sector;
  • To establish and offer regular professional development through short, medium and long term programmes for the advancement of transport personnel in the industry;
  • Make available institute training facilities to the general public through courses;
  • To establish and operate an efficient system for providing regular consulting and expert technical services to support existing transport operations and to facilitate development of transport technology;
  • To provide means for academic and other Institute staff to gain professional experience that shall be transferred to students and thereby improve quality of outputs;
  • To enable the Institute generate funds to subsidise grants from the government and other donors for the Institute to meet its financial needs;
  • To enable the staff in the Institute supplement their income thus enhancing staff retention into the Institute;
  • To improve the relevance and practical orientation of education and training in the Institute;
  • To optimize the use of the Institute expertise and resources to solve societal transport technology and related problems;
  • To develop and improve contacts between NIT staff and transport industry;
  • To make research and development (R&D) activities more relevant to the needs of the Tanzanian transport industry;
  • To activate co-operation with R & D and science and technology (S & T) funding institutions, both national and international.

Some of the consultancies executed since 2004 – 2020

S/NoTitle of ConsultancyClient
1Dar es Salaam Transport Policy and System Development Master Plan (2007)Pacific Consultants International (PCI)
2Student Transport Problems in Dar es Salaam and other Cities in Tanzania Mainland (2007/2008)SUMATRA
3TANESCO Transport Policy and Fleet Management Manual (2007/2008)TANESCO
4Integrated Transport System for Increased Efficiency and Growth of the Economy of Tanzania (2008/2009) Presidents’ Office Planning Commission (POPC)
5Matching Grants Project (WB funded) Outgoing project (2008 todate)Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)
6Participation of Local Bus and Truck Operations in the DART Project (2009/2010)DART
7Development Mechanism for Full Consultation and Engagement with Daladala Owners in the DART Project (2010/2011) DART
8Transport Costing and Pricing Model (2009/2010)SUMATRA
9Recruitment of Drivers for TRA (2012) and 2013TRA
10Road Safety Awareness Training (Mtwara Region) – (2012/2013)British Gas Tanzania Group
11Vehicle Inspection Project (2013/2014) -TBSTBS
12Capacity Building in Transport Management for Local Government Councils – POLARG (2004) Presidents’ Office, Regional Administration and Local Government
13Baseline Study To Establish Petroleum Products Transportation and Storage Plans For Tanzania Mainland-EWAURA (2018)EWURA
14Women Professional Drivers Course For BRT Project (2020)DART

Future Plans by CPB:

  • To Establish Modern Commercial Motor Vehicle Workshop
  • To Commercialise NIT Health Centre
  • To establish Modern Business park

Meet Our Team

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