National Institute of Transport - NIT
Bonyeza Kuthibitisha


Collaboration and Linkages in Higher Learning Institutions is a key to support knowledge and skills exchange and transfer of resources for support mutual benefit. 

The National Institute of Transport (NIT) has been in relentless pursuit of collaboration, both locally and internationally. This is an integral part of elevating the profile of NIT and expanding the network of partnerships. The growing number of MoUs signed is a testament to our commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and driving collective progress in education and industry. 
NIT has entered into collaborations with different organisations and Institutions like; Precision Air Services (PW), Central Aviation Services (CAS), National Aviation Services (NAS), The Open University of Tanzania (OUT), Arusha Technical College (ATC), Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Air Tanzania Corporation Limited (ATCL), Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL), Songoro Marine Transport and Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). Internationally NIT has Collaborations with Korea National University of Transportation – South Korea, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics – China, Kenya Coast National Polytechnic – Kenya, Shanghai Maritime University – China, Kenya Aeronautical College (KAC) – Kenya, Dire Dawa Polytechnic College – Ethiopia, Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (Nairobi-Kenya), Meru National Polytechnic  (Meru-Kenya), Mambo Software (Nairobi – Kenya), Aerolink Solutions Ltd – (Kenya) and Jinning Polytechnic – (China).
NIT will endure providing an environment for collaboration to align with its Mission and Vision. The considerations will be in the areas of: 

a)    Strengthening Educational Programs: Collaborative agreements can enhance the quality of educational programs by integrating real-world insights and industry perspectives

b)    Expanding Research Opportunities: MoUs provide a platform for collaborative research initiatives, allowing NIT to contribute to and benefit from advancements in the field of transportation

c)    Facilitating Student and Staff Experiences: Engaging in MoUs opens doors for valuable student and staff experiences, including internships, exchange programs, and exposure to diverse learning environments.