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Welcome to the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) of the National Institute of Transport. The primary function of the CDU is to manage the curriculum process at the Institute. Curriculum development and review organs constitute two key organs namely the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) under RECTOR/ DR-ARC and the Curriculum Development Task Team (CDTT) under the head of the academic department with a running programme. The primary role of the CDC is to ensure the quality of curriculum developed or reviewed at the departmental and institutional level and to have overall responsibility for planning, development and review, implementation, and plans for evaluation. The role of CDTT is to ensure that academic staff in the department, centre, or unit are involved in one way or another in the process accordingly.


The unit oversees the following functions:-

    1. Coordinating all curriculum development and review activities in the institute;
    2.  Overseeing departmental curriculum planning, design, development, and review
    3. Advising HODs regarding corrections or rectifications of anomalies during implementation or review of any curriculum; 
    4. Linking NACTVET and NIT on all matters related to Curriculum planning, design, development, and review 
    5. Participating in the formation, implementation, and evaluation of policies and learning programmes 
    6. Evaluating course learning materials 
    7. Supervising and piloting new course materials 
    8. Coordinating HODs for the creation and maintenance of course credits and professional programme codes 
    9. Preparing and overseeing the budget for the Curriculum Development unit

National Institute of Transport - NIT

Mr. Justine W. Kira

Head, Curriculum Development Unit