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Welcome to Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Inspection Unit (HEVIU) of the National Institute of Transport. The Unit is used as a testing site to ascertain the quality of vehicles in all matters related to roadworthiness and is also used as a training facility to train vehicle inspectors all over the country. The Centre plays a major role in improving issues related to road safety by ensuring that vehicles visiting the Centre are well inspected and tested to comply with required vehicle standards, and producing qualified and experienced vehicle inspectors in the country. The Centre inspects, diagnoses and tests all types of vehicles using modern and computerized machines through the use of skilled personnel on all aspects of vehicle quality and safety. Various types of inspection are conducted such as initial or imported used vehicles inspection, modification or alteration inspection, renewal or periodic inspection and mandatory inspection.


Training of vehicle inspectors

HEVIU is the only Centre that provides training for vehicle inspectors professionals in the country. The training duration is 6 months and the training fee is Tshs. 560,000/=. The fee and duration of the training can vary from time to time based on the requirements of the customers.

Inspection is carried out in all parts and systems of the vehicle including:-

  1.  Tires
  2. Undercarriage
  3. Suspension system; driver’s assisted devices and safety controls etc.
  4. Diagnose engine
  5. Transmission and safety system
  6. Carrying out speed and brake
  7. Headlamp testing
  8. Emission

National Institute of Transport - NIT

Mr. Christian S Nabora

Head, Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Inspection Centre