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Welcome to the National Institute of Transport Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Centre (NITEBIC) of the National Institute of Transport. The Centre was established to expressly address challenges of rising youth unemployment, economic and social welfare after retirement among staff and the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). NITEBIC focuses towards promoting and developing competent and productive initiatives, innovations and creativity in the area of transport and its allied fields. NITEBIC aims to aspire and generate a new class of entrepreneurs that will become net contributors to the national economy. The centre is designed to provide training, research and guarantee entrepreneurship programmes that will assist students, staff, a group of retiring and retired employees and the community at large to embrace entrepreneurship as an alternative employment option. It seeks to effectively mainstream community participation in economic activities with a view of increasing individual economic welfare while generating a higher value addition to the nation’s economy.


The objective of the Centre is to steer the courage of creativity, and innovation through enhancing a culture of entrepreneurship for self-employment among the NIT students and trainees. The Centre perform the following activities:-

  1. Provide technical assistance and advice in evaluating the inventions; 
  2. Support auditing of the business ideas and innovations in terms of human, production and financial resources; 
  3. Assist innovators/entrepreneurs to connect with various stakeholders of the industry; iv. Assist to promote and communicate innovative activities; 
  4. Support marketing evaluation of projects; 
  5. Advise and assist in intellectual property rights, mostly patenting; 
  6. Assist project management and product development, for instance in building prototypes; 
  7. Advise marketing and commercialization of innovative new products; 
  8. Participate or cooperate with venture capital activities, especially in the early phase of seed financing; and 
  9. Provide educational or training activities for inventors and entrepreneurs.

National Institute of Transport - NIT

Ms. Mwanaisha A. Mhalule

Head, National Institute of Transport Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Centre