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Welcome to the National Transport Learning Resource Centre (NTLRC) of the National Institute of Transport. NTLRC is a centre of excellence that provides high-quality information materials both in print and electronic in Logistics and Transport Management and Technology and its allied fields. The objective of the Learning Resources Centre is to provide bibliographic, documentation and information to support the teaching and research programmes offered by the Institute. Our Motto is “Read to get knowledge, excel and have a bright future”. The National Transport Learning Resource Centre performs several functions, among them:


  1. Acquisition, processing, preserving, and dissemination of Information to Users. 
  2. Organize and manage library materials and services, such as circulation, information services, document delivery, and library promotion. 
  3. Provide access to books, periodicals, (both hardcopy and electronic), Newspapers (Wananchi, Daily News), and other media that meet the educational, recreational, and informational needs of their users. 



National Institute of Transport has a dedicated e-resource platform that helps to facilitate the learning experience of both staff and students. The Institute e-resource has subscribed to several good and reputable publishers. The databases available in the Learning Resource Centre include EBSCOhost, EMERALD, and RESEARCH4LIFE which contains books and journals. Other electronic resources include Open Access Resources (OAR) such as Directory of Access Journals (DOAJ) and Directory of Access Books (DOAB) Repository The Learning Resource Centre also has a Repository that contains Journals and other publications from different Academic Departments within the Institute.


Rules and Regulations

The following rules are applied to all Learning Resource Centre users:

  1. All users are required to behave considerately and to respect the study needs of others.
  2. Study areas in the Learning Resource Centre are designated silent, and users must maintain good order and observe the rules applying to each area.
  3. Personal belongings such as handbags, and briefcases, should be left outside the Learning Resource Centre entrance. 4. Submit a book or object for inspection, when requested by the Learning Resource Centre staff.
  4. Leave books on the table or the book trolley after reading. Do not shelve books or any items after using it.
  5.  Observe silence except for a brief talk with the Learning Resource Centre staff.
  6. Drinks, smoking, and eating shall not be allowed in the Learning Resource Centre.
  7. Keep your mobiles off within the Learning Resource Centre premises.
  8. The reservation of places is not allowed. Learning Resource Centre staff may remove books and other articles which have been left for more than 30 minutes.
  9. Users are not allowed to write, underline, mark, deface or damage books, furniture and fittings in the Learning Resource Centre building.
  10. All users leaving the Learning Resource Centre should show all books in their possession if requested to see whether they belong to the Institute or not. Users are also required to open for inspection any bags or other receptacles carried out of the Learning Resource Centre.
  11. All users shall leave the Learning Resource Centre by closing time and immediately when the alarm sounds or when requested to do so by Learning Resource Centre staff.
  12. Photography and filming in the Learning Resource Centre shall be allowed only where prior written permission from the Librarian has been given.
  13. Follow Internet access guidelines; Users shall sign in at the desk when using a computer.
  14. Do not print from computers without permission.
  15. Users are not allowed to checkout Audio audio-visual materials/Equipment without special permission.
  16. Periodicals like Magazines and newspapers are not taken out of the Learning Resource Centre by users


Resource Centre Opening Hours 





Monday – Friday

8:30 am to 10.00 pm



9:00 am to 6.00 pm


Sunday and Public Holiday



National Institute of Transport - NIT

Ms. Fitina Petro

Head, National Transport Learning Resource Centre