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Welcome to the Professional Driver Training of the National Institute of Transport. The centre provides training of its kind in the country by producing competent drivers who serve both the government and the private sectors. The centre is proud of its dedicated and competent instructors and a fleet of training vehicles which results in the production of the best drivers for both national and international demands.


The following are the courses offered: -

(a) Professional Driving

  1. Passengers’ Services Vehicle (PSV) (10 Days) 
  2. Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) (3 weeks) 
  3. Advanced Drivers’ Grade I (4 weeks) 
  4. Senior Driver (Assistant Fleet Manager) (6 weeks) 
  5. Forklift Operator (1 week) 

(b) Tailor Made Trainings

  1. Defensive Driving Techniques (Road Safety) 
  2. Off-Road Driving Techniques (4×4) 
  3. Fuel and Tyre Management 
  4. VIP Driving Ethics 
  5. Road Safety Awareness 
  6. Forklift Operator (Truck and Unit load Handling) 
  7. The institute offers tailor-made seminars, consultancy, and training to suit the customer requirements, based on the customer’s nature of transport activities from rugged off-road 4x4 driving to everyday defensive driving techniques.

National Institute of Transport - NIT

Mr. Khalifa Hamisi

Manager, Professional Drivers Training