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Welcome to the Quality Assurance Unit. The Unit is a coordinating organ operating directly under the office of the Rector serving as secretariat on quality assurance matters across the Institute. As an internal organ, it is responsible for constantly monitoring and periodically evaluating the functioning of academics within the Institute to determine the extent to which they play their roles as per established regulations and comply with the quality standards and other regulatory bodies such as NACTVET.

Furthermore, the role of the Unit is to ensure that the Institute meets the requirements and standards set by the regional and national organs dealing with quality assurance as well as follow the process of continuous improvement in the teaching and learning process, hence, making the products provided by the Institute are competitive at the local and international level. Its approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement is to learn and benchmark from best practices worldwide to achieve academic excellence. The objective of this Unit is to ensure a framework of management, academic support and facilities that enhance the quality of teaching and learning experience, research and consultancy services. The Unit performs the following activities: 

  • Advise and assist the Rector in respect of all academic matters of the Institute quality assurance;
  • Oversee the smooth running and development of Quality Assurance in the Institute;
  • Advise on all academic matters about quality assurance; 
  • Recommend appropriate budgets for the Quality Assurance unit;
  • Establish and Coordinates coordinate the development of Quality Assurance
  • Oversee Quality Assurance of all academic activities of the Institute;
  • Evaluate the current progress of Quality Assurance of academic activities of the Institute and recommend future measures;
  • Prepare Quality Assurance reports and submit them to the Rector;
  • Prepare and/or review the Quality Assurance policy; and
  • Prepare an appropriate budget for the Unit.

National Institute of Transport - NIT

Mr. Cornelio Swai

Head, Quality Assurance Unit